Teaching Interests

Entrepreneurship; Innovation Management; Strategic Management; Organizational Design; Leadership; Cultural and Creative Industries.

Teaching Certificate

I have earned a Teaching Certificate awarded by the Center of Innovation in Teaching & Learning at UIUC.

Teaching Impact

Nominated by students as an I Love Illinois Week Unsung Hero because of hard work and positive impact on teaching (24 nominees campus-wide). I thank my students for their passionate engagement in my hybrid class during COVID-19!

Teaching Experience

At the Gies College of Business, UIUC, I independently taught BADM 312 Managing and Designing Organizations in Spring 2021. It was my first time teaching a class and it was in a hybrid mode.

Teaching Effectiveness: 4.3/ 5 "Overall teaching effectiveness," 4.8/5 "Well prepared for classes," 4.6/5 "Explain the underlying rationale", 4.6/5 "make good use of examples and illustrations"; Nominated by students as an I Love Illinois Week Unsung Hero.

Course Information:

  • 14 weeks, 3 credit hours;

  • Hybrid classroom setting (i.e., both in-person and Zoom attendance);

  • Intensive case analyses and discussions, multimedia teaching aids, guest speaker sessions on organizational changes during COVID-19;

  • 36 registered students (junior and senior students with various majors such as management, marketing, economics, engineering, technical system, finance, accounting, community health, etc.)